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jackie bright grubbs

The most successful and promising candidate.

Jackie Bright Grubbs was born in New Albany and has always lived in Floyd County. She is the youngest of five children, and attended Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s Catholic Churches.


After graduating New Albany High School, she earned a B.S. in Business Management at IUS. Her employers have always been small businesses, using her skills in finance, management and marketing.

Jackie’s conservative beliefs mean that she stands for every citizen’s Constitutional rights, and she intends to fight to reduce government interference and defend individuals’ rights and the free market.

Her desire is to champion small businesses, after seeing the recent effects by forced closure on both small businesses and churches. While joining other local citizens this year to voice concerns to the local and state governments, and seeing a lack of action, she decided to run for office to make a difference in state and local policies.

Jackie had never aspired for political office, but she has seen so many alarming developments in schools, business and individual rights, that she believes that a strong citizen’s voice for Christian values, and Constitutional liberty is what is needed, and she can bring that to the state legislature for District 72.

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For donations by check, mail to

Friends of Jackie Bright Grubbs for

Indiana State Representative

PO Box 2152,

New Albany, IN 47151

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