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An unconstitutional law that the Indy Establishment to get rid of challengers was passed.

Bad politicians hate it when the primary season comes around and they have a challenger. This means they have to go back to their district and answer their constituents for their bad votes.

So the politicians in Indianapolis decided instead of doing what is right they would pass an unconstitutional law to protect themselves. We call this effort part of the "Incumbent Protection Program."

Current Indiana law NOW mandates that for a candidate to run for office he or she must have voted in the last two primaries for the party they wish to run for, OR have a written letter of approval "permission slip," from the county chair saying your good enough.

Otherwise, they can kick you off the ballot, and they do!

The Party has so controlled who runs in the primaries that many voters, with no choice on the ballot, don’t even go to the polls in May. Why would they??

Not only that, the age requirement for a candidate to run according to the Indiana Constitution is 21 yrs old, this person likely could not have physically voted in two primary elections.

Despite ample proof of these candidates' commitment to traditional Republican values, many county chairs have refused to sign a certification allowing these patriots on the ballot. They have been given lots of control, and they are using it!

The Federal and Indiana Constitution says that anyone can run for a House Rep and any lower position if they: -Are at least 21 yrs of age -Files a form stating what Party they are running under -Have lived in the state for one year.

That's the beauty of true ballot access, it was written in a way that everyday people who love our state and want to serve, can run for office!

The Establishment added extra qualifications and allow the Indy swamp to choose who runs for office. This law has given the Party the ability to decide who is “Republican enough” and has kept freedom-loving patriots off your ballots.

When a patriot is prohibited from running, your vote is infringed upon. Quite simply, your vote doesn’t count if you don’t have a choice of candidates in the primary election.

In the 2022 primary election a high number of people were erased from the ballots. County chairs who could have written "permission slips" for them to run, decided not to so that there would not be contested races.

Many candidates were avid liberty loving Patriots who have gone to great length to support their Party, but because of the Indy swamp, they were told to go home. This included a Army soldier, an retired green beret, an homeschooling attorney, and an engineer.

One of those candidates was a woman named, Amy Rainey, an Elkhart Republican Party member, ranked as one of their highest donors. She was removed and told to go home.

Amy, instead took her case to the Appellate Court and is fighting this unconstitutional law for all Hoosiers.

Join Amy and others like her at the Statehouse on March 15th at 11am to hear her case as oral arguments are presented. Bring your friends and your signs. Indiana needs to see that removing a candidate like Amy didn't just affect her, it took away the privilege of 7000 individuals to vote for her.

We want full ballot access. We want these unconstitutional requirements to be void. We want our party back! Its the party of the people and not the party of a few.

Come join us in solidarity and show the Court of Appeals that this is something that Hoosiers care about and it needs changed immediately.


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