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Are you ready to make some serious changes?

Updated: May 1, 2022

LIBERTY NEWS NETWORK: Are you satisfied with your representation, both locally and at the Statehouse? Are you ready to make some serious changes, especially with abortion, taxes, medical liberty, gun laws, and parental rights? Don’t vote until you’ve seen the Liberty Defense voter guide! Most incumbent Republican State Representatives have failed to do what’s right and protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with their votes. It’s time for a change in Indianapolis! Abortion – Have you been receiving literature proclaiming that your state representative protects all life? In this election season, Establishment Republicans are disguising themselves as “pro-life” conservatives. Don’t believe it! Their votes reveal the truth that they have been voting against ending abortion in our state, against shutting down abortion clinics, against giving preemie babies equal protection under the law and the right to life-saving care, and against life beginning at conception. Taxes – If the Republican Party is the party of lower taxes, then why are your taxes continually increasing? The Establishment Republicans passed the notorious gas tax in 2017. They also voted for the largest budget in Hoosier history in 2021. When they finally voted for an income tax cut, it will return less than two hundred dollars annually. And don’t get too eager for the return of some of your money – it will take years to implement! Medical liberty – Establishment Republicans know all the right words to say to make you believe that they stand for individual freedoms. But their votes prove otherwise. During the pandemic, they voted against families’ rights to visit elderly, sick, and dying loved ones whether it be hospice, a nursing home, or a hospital as well as a family’s right simply to gather together. Even worse, they voted to allow a business to mandate COVID testing for unvaccinated employees at the employee’s expense. How is that standing for individual freedoms? The answer is – it isn’t! Red flag gun laws – It took several years and a fight within the Statehouse even this year to get Constitutional Carry passed. But we still have the unconstitutional Red Flag law on the books. As recently as 2019 when it was amended, Establishment Republicans affirmed that they want the police to have the authority to seize your firearm without a search warrant if law enforcement officers believe you are in danger of harming yourself or others, whether or not you are committing a crime. Parental rights – Did you know that the Department of Child Services (DCS) can now have private conversations with your child without parental permission while they are inside the public school building? What would you think if I told you that the Republicans, by their votes, have also granted DCS immunity if a child is in their custody? This means that they cannot be held accountable for their actions.

The Establishment Republicans have seriously compromised our Hoosier values, and it is time to vote them out of office. They MUST be replaced with true Constitutional conservatives who will battle for our God-given freedoms.

Check out our VOTER GUIDE before you head to the polls. Along with our candidates, you, too, can take a stand against the Indy swamp by placing your vote for a liberty conservative on May 3rd.

-Liberty Defense Contributor Go here for more information: #LibertyDefense

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