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Indiana Feticide Law Causes Concern

Current Indiana law defines feticide as the intentional killing of an unborn child, UNLESS that child is killed through abortion.

Representative Lorissa Sweet filed House bill 1595, to take out current exceptions allowing for feticide in the case of abortion.

Representative Sweet’s bill, HB 1595 has been assigned to the public health committee.

Representative Brad Barrett is the Chairmen of this committee. He gets to decide whether this bill will get a hearing or whether it dies in committee.

Call Representative Brad Barrett today, tell him to give House Bill 1595 by Representative Sweet, a hearing and a vote.

Let him know abortion is murder and should be treated as such. No more excuses, end the Holocaust! Call 317-234-2993 — You will most likely get his Legislative Assistant.

After you’ve called please sign the petition and forward it on to at least 3 friends! Together we will end abortion.

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