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Warning: Do NOT Vote for List:

Actions speak louder than words, that’s what we say here at Liberty Defense PAC and with the May 3rd Primary Election quickly approaching, I’m sure you’ve been inundated with postcards, emails, text messages, and ads full of campaign promises from local politicians.

With so much political chatter, it can be difficult to find out where politicians REALLY stand on issues that matter the most to you.

That’s why Liberty Defense PAC keeps track of campaign promises AND legislators’ behavior in office. And I’ve got some news you really need to hear EVERY SINGLE CURRENT POLITICIAN RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION, EXCEPT REPRESENTATIVES CURT NISLY AND JOHN JACOB, DO NOT DESERVE YOUR VOTE.

Regardless of what they say, how nice they seem, who they are friends with...they continuously have voted AGAINST your freedoms!

Here is a list of who NOT TO VOTE FOR: Jake Teshka - Michael Aylesworth - Jim Pressel - Timothy Wesco - Craig Snow - Ann Vermilion - JD Prescott - Jeff Ellington - John Young - Dan Leonard - Brad Barrett - Ryan Lauer - Peggy Mayfield - Chris May - Ed Clere - Tim O'Brian - Matt Lehman - Martin Carbaugh - Dave Heine - Chris Jeter - Mike Speedy - Robert Behning

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