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Stop toxic waste from coming to Indiana!

The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio resulted in chlorinated chemicals combined with plastic cargo, which created chlorinated dioxin, or dioxin.  

100 truckloads of this dioxin-contaminated soil from Ohio is to be dumped in Putnam County Indiana!



  • is a hormonal toxin, affects multiple generations

  • causes cancer

  • can cause infertility and miscarriage

  • never goes away

  • moves up the food web from water, soil, grass, and animals, to humans


There are NO SAFE LEVELS of exposure to dioxin!  If dioxin contaminates water in Putnam county, we are all at risk due to the watershed system in Indiana.

Sign your petition today and demand our government officials stop this toxic waste from contaminating our state.  Indiana has a right to protect its citizens and our elected officials should do their jobs and refuse to allow dioxin soil to be dumped in Indiana.

Stop the Toxic Waste Dump!

Keep Dioxin Contaminated Soil out of Indiana!

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