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Joe Biden and the radical left are going to come after our gun rights with everything they have. They are going to try to ban, confiscate, and tax our gun rights into extinction!

SAPA asserts our state sovereignty and tells Biden that Indiana protects gun rights in our constitution and in our laws and that Hoosiers want Indiana police officers to enforce Indiana laws when it comes to gun rights - making it clear that our state is sovereign, and that our law enforcement officers work for us.

If a government entity in Indiana ignores SAPA law and orders the police department to enforce illegal gun control laws, gun owners could take those government agents to civil court for damages!

This bill is spreading like wildfire across the country, and it’s time that Indiana lawmakers get on board.

Help us pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act this year in Indiana. Sign your petition in support today, so that the politicians in Indianapolis know what you expect of them!

And when you’re done, please consider donating to Liberty Defense, the most effective political fighting force in Indiana!


Help us protect Indiana gun rights.

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