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Alfred Kinsey is most famously known for his sex "research" much of which was done on young children.  According to Kinsey's own publications, he intentionally manipulated his interviews to obtain the information he desired from his victims.  He even interviewed young children and described how he would manipulate their responses into compliance.  


Much of Kinsey's work was concentrated in prisons where he would collect data from pedophiles and rapists.  He would also elicit data from prostitutes all of which he then used to portray as normal behavior to the American people.


Today, the Kinsey Institute continues to collect data from across the globe through its Kinsey Reporter app.  Essentially, as was done in the 40's and 50's, the Kinsey Institute collects data from rapists and pedophiles worldwide.  


Since 2016, the Kinsey Institute has been an incorporated part of Indiana University and because Indiana lawmakers dole out over $400 million dollars to the university, it lies within the responsibility of Indiana lawmakers to prevent Hoosier tax dollars from funding potential crimes of any kind.  


It is for the reasons outlined above that Representative Lorissa Sweet proposed an amendment to the state budget to stop the funding of the Kinsey Institute.  

Senator Yoder (Dem) of Bloomington has stated that she will do whatever it takes to remove this stipulation from the budget. Sign the petition below to show your support for defunding the Kinsey Institute.


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