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The Crossroads of America has now become the Crossroads for Abortion!

Regardless of what the media and the political establishment say, Indiana abortions are on the rise. With the influx of women coming from other states that limit abortion, we have now become a hub for those who want to rid themselves of preborn babies.

There is never a reason to kill a baby. Help us end abortion now by sending your voice to Indianapolis. The first full-out abortion ban in the country was filed in 2017 through the Indiana legislature.


The pro-life/anti-abortion non-profit, Hoosiers for Life, designed and promoted the bill.  Since then a dozen other states have used the Protection of Life bill language in their own legislatures.


Courage is contagious and we need to bravely and boldly stand against the murder of innocent human life inside the womb. 


With the overturning of Roe v Wade, the political class has no more excuses. Sign the petition below and tell Indiana government that you want abortion to end in our state once and for all! 


And when you’re done, please consider donating to Liberty Defense, the most effective political fighting force in Indiana!


Help us protect the most innocent among us.

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