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Currently, in the state of Indiana, preemie babies do not have access to full medical care if born before what doctors call “gestational age.” In simple terms this means; a baby born before doctors say he or she can live outside the womb. 


Therefore, doctors don’t have to provide any medical assistance to help that baby, and normally they do not. 


This truly is an atrocity as Hoosier parents have had to watch their precious baby lying in their arms fighting for life while doctors would do little or nothing to try to save him. 


This happened to Indiana parents which inspired this legislation to make sure babies born early have an opportunity to live no matter how old they are. 


Mothers and fathers should have full access to hospitals that can care for their preemie babies and doctors should be held liable for negligence in refusing life-saving care. 


Sign the petition today to let your legislators know every baby should be entitled to life-saving medical care regardless of age.

Find out more about the story that inspired this legislation ( and then please consider donating to help secure life-saving care for tiny babies.


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