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Current Indiana political fights, click on links to read more and sign the petition.

stop federal gun control

SAPA says that Indiana will not expend any Hoosier resources to enforce federal gun laws. Indiana Law enforcement is only charged with upholding Indiana law, and any entity in violation of enforcing these unconstitutional mandates against a citizen can be taken to civil court. 

stop abortion in indiana

Indiana is murdering more babies than ever before. With surrounding states limiting abortion access, Indiana has become a hub for abortion. Let's end this atrocity once and for all!

PRESERVe natural marriage

Protect Hoosiers' biblical view that marriage is between one man and one woman.

transgender manipulation of minors

Protect our children from the radical transgender agenda and ideology that could cause irreparable, psychological, and physical damage to minors.

PROTECt preemie babies

Any baby born alive is entitled to life-saving care regardless of gestational age. Mothers should have full access to hospitals that can care for their preemie babies.

let patriots run for office

All Hoosiers meeting Indiana Constitutional requirements should be allowed to run for office. Current Indiana law inhibits this by violating the Constitution and keeping everyday citizens from running for office.


remove feticide exceptions

Current Indiana law defines feticide as the intentional killing of an unborn child UNLESS that child is a victim of abortion. Support taking out the exceptions by signing the petition.


stop toxic waste dump

The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio resulted in 100 truckloads of dioxin-contaminated soil from Ohio is to be dumped in Putnam County Indiana! Take a stand by signing the petition today!

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stop kinsey institute funding

Tell your legislators that our tax dollars should not go to fund an institute that is known for child exploitation.

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