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Current Indiana law mandates that for a patriot to run as a Republican, he or she must have voted Republican in the last two primaries in which he voted or filed a certification from his Republican county chair giving him permission to run.


However, Republicans have so controlled who runs in the primaries that many voters, with no choice on the ballot, don’t even go to the polls in May.


Also, despite ample proof of patriots’ commitment to traditional Republican values, many county chairs have refused to sign a certification allowing these patriots on the ballot.  


These requirements violate both the US and the Indiana Constitutions!


They add extra qualifications and allow the Republican Party to choose who runs for office. This law has given the Republican Party the ability to decide who is “Republican enough” and has kept freedom-loving patriots off your ballot.  


When a patriot is prohibited from running, your vote is infringed upon. Quite simply, your vote doesn’t count if you don’t have a choice of candidates in the primary election. 


House Bill 1230 would eliminate these extra requirements and return Indiana law to the basic requirements of age and residency as set forth in our State Constitution. 

See the bill language here

Sign the petition below to add your name to the list of people who support this bill. After that, please consider donating to Liberty Defense, the most effective political fighting force in Indiana! 


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