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Become the elected.


Learn about the most powerful role in politics!

Want to remove the weak RINOs (Republicans-In-Name-Only) from their elected positions?

Do you want stronger conservative Republican party candidates to win elections?

Then sign up RIGHT NOW to learn how to do just that!


Learn more about the precinct committeemen's role and how they elect the leadership within the Party.

This is the strongest role in politics and through it, we can see REAL change!


We could cause a patriotic revolution if we could get true conservatives to fill those slots. 


Complacent politicians would fear that conservatives would become primary challengers and they would see that the positions they hold are at risk

Precinct committeemen have the power to overhaul the caucus and/or get current politicians doing what they should be doing anyway, preserving liberty and working for us!


The only fear that will motivate moderate lawmakers is the fear of losing their jobs.


The precinct committeemen's position can make that happen.


If you are concerned about the future of your country and the community around you, sign up to learn more about this powerful role in politics. 


Watch the short video below and contact us today. 

Precinct Committeeman Project

Enter information below for us to determine what precinct you are located in

verify your precinct at or scan QR code
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The information on this form will be used to keep you informed on the process of signing up for 2024 PC races across the state. The form is not a filing for candidacy form. A candidate for PC will be the same filing dates and deadlines as any other candidate in the 2024 races.

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