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Indiana - Important Information

and Release Dates on 

New Redistricting Election Maps

INDIANAPOLIS-  Indiana House members received confirmation yesterday of when the new district maps will be released to the general public.


According to the Republican caucus, proposed maps will be released on Tuesday, September 14th.  After a review of only two days, the maps will then be voted on by the House members.


House Leadership will use the redistricting process to potentially gerrymander strong right-wing conservative members, Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob out of their current districts.  While maneuvering Rep. Nisly would be harder to do, drawing new lines for pro-liberty candidate John Jacob, may seem easier.  


Even though drawing Jacob into a new, predominantly Democratic district would be an obvious move, the Indiana establishment will do anything they can to make sure that Rep. Jacob does not get re-elected regardless of what patriots believe.


Both Representatives pushed hard this year to end the Governor’s mandates.  They also put forth amendments fighting for constitutional rights on many fronts including the newly signed Preemie law, giving babies born prematurely the right to have medical assistance regardless of their gestational age.


Because of the upcoming primary election and the onslaught of House primary challengers, House Speaker Huston and Rep Wesco may just recruit friends in the Senate to do their dirty work, pretending House Reps are not to blame.


In a last-ditch effort to learn who is running against the current incumbent, the House will hold a “public forum” for discussion on the maps, only two days after the release to the public.  


Rep. Stewerwald, the author of the vehicle bill addressing the maps has been said to not be concerned about the public's opinion on gerrymandering and instead has been intent on following orders of House Speaker Todd Huston.


The timeline is as follows:


Maps will be made public on September 14th.

A public hearing on maps will be on September 16th.

Maps will be voted on Sept 20th or shortly after.

Final maps are predicted to be done no later than Oct 1st.


Liberty Defense currently has over 20 candidates running for House seats in the 2022 primary election.  We continue to advise those who intend on running for office not to attend meetings on redistricting and to keep their races quiet.  


Our candidates will announce their races when maps are finalized and candidate filing is open.


Liberty Defense strives to stay updated on happenings within the state with election and legislation-related matters.  If you want to stay informed text the word CONNECT to 260-693-7334.


If you are interested in running for office, text ELECTION to 260-693-7334 and fill out the contact information.  


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