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Can you define the word woman?

A few scant years ago, this would have been a ridiculous question to ask anyone. But now, in 2022, many are confused, including our own Governor Holcomb. defines a woman as “an adult female person.” Wikipedia even says, “Prior to adulthood, a female human is referred to as a girl.” A girl!

This month, after the end of the 2022 legislative session, the Governor vetoed HB 1041, a bill that would have banned biological males claiming they are girls from competing in women’s sports.

The bill’s summary reads that it “Prohibits a male, based on the student's biological sex at birth in accordance with the student's genetics and reproductive biology, from participating on an athletic team or sport designated as being a female, women's, or girls' athletic team or sport.”

Can you believe we even need a law to specify this?

But Indiana’s governor is ignoring the science of male and female chromosomes and the natural muscular strength that men have over women.

He doesn’t want to protect girls’ rights in sports.

Instead, he has discarded both Hoosier voters and values and has chosen to stand with woke interests and their radical agenda.

Can this one politician stop what parents around the state are crying out for… fairness for girls in their chosen sports?

No. He can’t.

Even though the General Assembly has been dismissed for the year, they can call a special session, reconvene in Indianapolis, and override the Governor’s veto. That would make this protection of girls’ sports law.

Our legislators need to reconvene NOW.

The Speaker of the House has said that they will reconvene in May to make this law. But will they? Are they truly standing up for women? Or is this political cover during an election? Inside sources say Speaker Huston and Establishment Republicans have no intention of overriding Holcomb’s veto.

If they really stand by female athletes, if our legislators don’t want to be perceived as standing with the Governor in his destruction of women’s sports, they need to override the veto TODAY.

Yes, call your representative and senator to urge them to do the right thing. But one true fix to this issue is coming this May 3, the Republican primary.

That’s your chance to send a strong, unequivocal message to both the governor and the Republicans in the General Assembly who would rather sit at home until May than return to do their duty to protect Hoosier girls.

Vote for true liberty-minded candidates who will stand strong for female athletes and fairness in sports by rushing back to Indianapolis to override a leftist governor’s veto. Vote in person. Vote on May 3.

Join the battle for our culture and vote for the liberty candidate who will do whatever it takes to protect our girls. Text VOTER GUIDE to 260-693-7334 to view Liberty Defense endorsed candidates.

-Liberty Defense News Contributor #LibertyNewsNetwork

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