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Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Amy Schlichter, Liberty Defense PAC President, has a message for the RINOs (Republican in name only) that have invaded our Indiana statehouse. #LibertyDefense

"The people started feeling the remnants of your bad behavior and poor decision-making. They started noticing that your actions and promises were nothing but facades. There have been times of confusion on our part, mainly because you know what to say and you're just so darn nice.

But then something happened.

We became aware.

Aware of your white lies and how you believe that “we just don't understand how things work.

So, Here’s the deal.

The government you play around with has become top-heavy and we the people no longer consider you eligible to represent us any longer. You have left us with a mess! You cater to Biden’s America… leaking that garbage right into the Hoosier state, and it's unacceptable!

Three points I would like to make

Number 1. Your incumbent protection plan is crumbling.

Number 2. Your loose endorsements no longer carry weight.

Number 3. Your failed campaign promises are no longer relevant.

So, carry on well, it’s election season and we assume you will say and do all the right things til May. But, because we are AWARE, we will be campaigning, telling our neighbors, signing the ballot, and preparing the next generation to be sure you never get away with robbing us like this again."

Amy Schlichter-

President, Liberty Defense

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