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Election Day is Tomorrow May 3rd: Vote for Liberty!

Dear Fellow Patriot,

The May 3rd Indiana Primary Election is TOMORROW!

I am proud of what we’ve accomplished throughout our state, no matter the outcome.

Thanks to your support and hard work, true patriots are running for office to challenge compromising, complacent incumbents.

And let me tell you, we have the Establishment in quite a tizzy.

They’re ramping up their Incumbent Protection Program with radio interviews explaining to us why we should settle for compromise, news articles instructing us to focus on what the Establishment thinks we should focus on, and even sending other incumbents to campaign for their buddies facing liberty challengers.

Not only that, but the Republican party slush fund, also called the HRCC, is dumping loads of money into the Indiana Primary Election, funding Establishment politicians and working against the most conservative candidates.

These are signs the Establishment is scared.

And they should be.

Indiana has had enough.

We the People are rising up and demanding our Representatives do the jobs we hired them to do.

But the Political Class is digging in their heels.

In a recent news article, Republican House Speaker Todd Huston criticized liberty candidates’ priorities.

He said if these conservatives make it to the Statehouse, they were just going to have to “figure out, do they want to be able to get things done or just focus on the things that probably aren’t practical to get done.”

Clearly, Huston has a priority list, and like his predecessor Brian Bosma, he’s focusing on what he believes to be really important.

So what are these “practical” things Todd Huston and the rest of the Establishment Republicans are focused on?

Let’s take a look at their voting records. After all, unlike politicians, voting records never lie.

Here’s what the Establishment voted FOR*

  • Disarming citizens without due process of law

  • Granting the state jurisdiction over parental rights

  • Legalizing covid-19 vaccine mandates

  • Codifying employer discrimination on vaccine status

  • Raising gas taxes which increase yearly

  • Passing the largest budget in state history

On the other hand, Todd Huston warns of impractical ambitions Republicans should not attempt to “get done.”

In fact, when freedom loving, conservative legislators attempt to “get these things done,” Establishment politicians like Dan Leonard and Todd Huston block their efforts.

Here’s what the Establishment voted AGAINST**

  • Shutting down abortion clinics

  • Providing life-saving care to preemies

  • Our right to gather and worship

  • Small business - right to operate

  • Visiting rights for the sick and elderly

On top of all of this, Establishment Republicans supported the Governor’s heavy handed covid mandates by refusing to end the state of emergency and refusing to stop mask mandates and forced shutdowns.

Todd Huston’s “practical” list of priorities does not align with Indiana conservatives.

In fact, the Republican Establishment is investing loads of cash to OPPOSE liberty candidates, with $500,000 going toward ousting liberty champion Rep. John Jacob alone.

And the slush fund dished out another $500,000 or so to fight against other true patriots.

Friends, that’s a million dollars they’re forking over to fight against YOU and your values.

It’s also a million dollars that won’t go toward the general election in the fall, which means they’re willing to risk losing seats to Democrats to silence the conservative voice in Indiana.

Liberty candidates are challenging Establishment incumbents because of this very reason.

The Establishment no longer represents We the People, and so we aim to replace them with folks who will stand and fight for liberty.

That’s why we need you to vote on May 3rd for the true conservative candidate and tell all your freedom loving friends to get out and vote too!

Take a look at our voter guide to see who will fight for liberty in your area.

After that, would you consider giving toward Liberty Defense PAC? We are working hard to elect true conservatives to the Indiana Statehouse, and every little bit counts.

While the Establishment incumbents rely on the millions in their slush fund, we operate only on donations from grassroots individuals like you.

In the final hours before Election Day, we want to reach as many like minded patriots as we can, so please forward this message to your friends or send them a text with our voter guide information.

Thank you for standing with me throughout this election season.

Now, let’s get out there and vote!

For Freedom,

Amy Schlichter


Liberty Defense PAC

P.S. The May 3rd Indiana Primary Election is tomorrow!

See our voter guide for true liberty candidates.

The Establishment is working hard to silence our conservative voice in Indiana. Let’s speak up even louder than before!

Vote on May 3rd, and tell all your freedom loving friends to vote for liberty too.

I hope you’ll also consider pitching in a few dollars to help elect true conservatives in Indiana.

*References listed in order

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**References listed in order

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Paid for by Liberty Defense PAC

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